Polish Wings No. 18 Breguet 19, Farman F68 Goliath

Breguet 19, Farman F68 Goliath, Amiot 123

Polish Wings • 2014
Autor(zy)Bartłomiej Belcarz
IlustratorThierry Vallet
Data wydania2014-12-20
SeriaPolish Wings
Nr katalogowyPW. 18
KategoriaAvailable KategoriaDostępne
FormatA4, 72 stron (72 w kolorze)
Cena70.00 PLN Cena15.00 GBP

This new book in the popular Polish Wings series tells the story of two between-the-wars French aircraft - the Breguet 19 and the F68 Farman Goliath - in Polish service. Also AMiot 123 is described. The Polish Breguet 19 was made famous by the epic Boleslaw Orlinski flight from Warsaw to Tokyo and back. The Farman F68 Goliath was a giant bomber for its time. The book features many previously unpublished photographs and specially commissioned colour profiles of camouflage and markings.

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    Reviewed by: Frank Landrus, IPMS# 35035

    Bartlomiej Belcarz authors the latest in the series of aircraft used in the Polish Air Force. This volume’s primary focus is the Breguet 19 (p3-53), but also provides 13 pages on the Farman F.68 Goliath and 6 pages on the Amiot 123. The Breguet section features 28 full page length color profiles along with 8 top and bottom color profiles where appropriate. The color profiles are accompanied by photos of the actual aircraft in the profiles. The Farman F.68 Goliath section features 6 full page length color profiles along with a top and bottom color profile and a scrap color detail of typical rudder markings. The Amiot 123 section on the only two aircraft procured, features 2 full page length color profiles along with a top and bottom color profile.

    The Table of Contents focuses on three major chapters:

    Breguet 19


    Purchases and deliveries to Poland

    Service in Polish regiments and training establishments Orlinski’s cruise Camouflage and markings

    Farman F.68 Goliath


    Camouflage and markings

    Amiot 123


    Camouflage and markings

    Polish Wings 18 provides an interesting view into a lesser known chapter in aviation history. The text and captions are well translated into English thanks to Wojtek Matusiak, alleviating the need to bone up on your Polish reading skills. Bartlomiej Belcarz is able to craft the storyline with interesting tidbits to prevent this from being simply a progression of facts. This tome is essential if you’re considering building the Omega Models 1/72 Breguet 19 resin kit (OM72352 with Polish and Greek decals). If you have any interest in Polish (or French) aircraft, this is a must-have book.

    You can watch a page by page preview at:

    http://mmpbooks.biz/mmp/books.php?book_id=268 and at


    My thanks to Mushroom Model Publications and IPMS/USA for the chance to review this great book.

    Highly recommended!

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